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Buyers often ask, what is a post tension slab or they see a sign stamped into
the concrete. Often stamped into the garage floor near the garage door. In
older homes with a post tension slab there may be a plastic sign on the wall
by the door leading into the house.

Post tension slabs are ones that have steel coated cables, stressed under a
lot of pressure, running through the concrete slab to make it stronger. The
purpose is similar to placing steel rebar in a slab to make it stronger.
What is a post tension slab?
The purpose of the sign is to warn people not to
cut or core the slab, for if they do, the cut cable
(which has been stretched very tight) may rip
up through the concrete and injure or kill the
person cutting it. Very dangerous. Also cutting
the cable will weaken the structural strength of
the slab.
Engineers are using more post tension slabs
because they help spread the load of the home
over a wider area of soil than reguar footings
do. They are considered more economical and
better to use when the soils are expansive in
nature. Orange county has a lot of expansive
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