Chinese Drywall
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Signs of Chinese drywall That Appear In Some Homes

1.        Rotten egg smell or odor
2.        Sulfur smells, such as that from striking a wood match
3.        Pitting of metal surfaces; i.e. on the kitchen or bath metal fixtures
4.        Copper pipes turning dark / corrosion
5.        Copper wiring turning dark or black
What is Chinese Drywall ?
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Emily Hopkins
Sues Agent
Do you advise them that:

  • That there are companies that will check the house for Chinese Drywall
  • Advise them that Home Inspectors do not test for it and usually is exclude
    from their inspections
  • That there have been a few cases of Chines Drywall discovered in Orange
Listing agent lost his license
when he....  
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Owners may have noticed the following:

  • TV or other appliances failing; may have had to fix or repair various
    appliances and at times replace, may have broken down several times with
    no explanation why they failed several times in a row.
  • Needing to open windows to get rid of odors.
  • Burning incense candles at times to cover odors.
Chinese drywall is drywall that has flyash in it, often a waste material that is a
by-product from power plants using coal. The problem that has developed is that
the drywall emits several sulfur gases, including hydrogen sulfide. It is this sulfur
gas that creates the problems. Drywall manufactured in the United States may
contain some flyash, however, the flyash is more refined and does not present the
issues that Chinese drywall does.
Chinese Drywall Has Been
Discovered In Orange County
Now What?
Are There Signs That A Home Has Chinese Drywall ?
Buyer ask - does this house have Chinese Drywall ?
Not always. However, there may be signs that a home has Chinese Drywall. In some
cases the signs are apparent the minute a buyer moves into the home, in other
cases there may not be signs for many months. In one home the owner did not
suspicion that there was a problem until he had a water leak. Then there began to
be an odor about the home. Upon investigating the odor, Chinese drywall was

A home next door to this house had no warning signs, but was built by the same
builder, so investigators decided to check the home for Chinese drywall. Yes they
discovered the home had the same drywall, from the same supplier.
  • Itching or irritated skin or eyes
  • Difficult breathing
  • Nasal irritation
  • Sinus irritation or infections
  • Headaches
  • Asthma symptoms
Owners May Have Health Issues ?
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How Much Does It Cost to
Remediate Chinese Drywall.
You won't believe it.
How Much Does It Cost To Correct If A Home Has It ???
One court ruled that you can not just replace the drywall. That you must replace the
following components ....       
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