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While Bunges' were gone, they
allege in a lawsuit, their real
estate agent used their house
and possessions for
“unauthorized sexual escapades,”
Adam Bunge and his wife, Sarah, put their Maple Grove home up
for sale and headed off to London for a four-month “work holiday.”
Bunge said he first learned that there may be a problem when his next door neighbor e-mailed him in England “saying
there was some weird stuff going on at his house the night before.” He then had a relative and the neighbor enter the
house the next day. They reported to the seller, that there was what appeared to be sexual type stains on a brown leather
sofa, two chairs, a end table, the carpet, the stairs and on the master bedroom sheets. Also, used towels were strewn
about the bathroom and an open bottle of lotion was lying in the kitchen.
Sexual Escapades"
Bunges’ neighbor noticed that a bedroom light was on so he walked over and
knocked on the door. The listing agent answered the door and said that he was just
cleaning the house for an open house the next day. The neighbor sensed that
something was wrong. So he e-mailed Bunge.
A call to the listing brokerage firm resulted in an immediate professional cleaning by the brokerage firm, costing over
$7,000; all the locks were changed, and all soiled furniture and items were replaced with new ones. The sellers sued.

The agent was fired and his real estate license was revoked.
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