Pool & Spa Drain Covers
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Pool Drain Covers - The
manufacturer (note there may be
Manufacturers: A&A Manufacturing, of
Phoenix, Ariz.; AquaStar Pool Products
Inc., of San Diego, Calif.; Color Match
Pool Fittings, of Surprise, Ariz.; Custom
Molded Products, of Tyrone, Ga.;
Hayward Pool Products, of Elizabeth,
N.J.; Pentair Water Pool and Spa, of
Sanford, N.C.; Rising Dragon USA, of E.
Sweetwater, Tenn.; and Waterway
Plastics, of Oxnard, Calif.
Stomach against the drain cover by the vacuum from pump.
Children when diving will often swim over the drain area and lay on it.
Should the pool pump be operating and have sufficient suction power, it
will hold the child's body to the drain. When this happens, the child is
unable to break free and rise to the surface.

Sitting on the drain cover.
There has been a number of news stories and lawsuit about children who
sat on the drain covers and become trapped. In some cases, the vacuum
has been so strong, that it has sucked a portion of the child's intestines
out of his body. Unsafe drain covers are extremely serious issue.

Agents who listed or sold homes with pools and spas need to be
aware of these dangers and to take appropriate actions. Personally, if I
was a buyer, I would greatly appreciate someone bringing this to my
attention so that I could get the proper drain covers for my pool or spa.
Agents may wish to bring this issue to the attention of their broker and
discuss the different ways to address past and current transaction.
Normally the covers can be replaced with out draining the pool and the
cost is very reasonable.

The CDC has a tremendous amount of information on this subject and
has a hotline which may be called. The website is
cpsc.gov. The hotline
number is
(866) 478-3521 it's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Remember - if you have a pool or spa yourself, you likewise should check
into this.

Note - A number of pools and spas have two drains spaced three feet
apart or more, so that if one drain is laid upon, that there is no suction in
it. Pump manufacturers also have pumps that will shut down automatically
if it drain becomes obstructed.

Homeowners with swimming pools and spas need to review the safety
aspects of their pools and spas.
Child Sucked Against
Drain Cover
Improper pool and spa drain covers can be extremely dangerous and result
in death. Unsafe drains have resulted in children and even adults drowning.

Hair entanglement.
Children or adults with long hair have had their hair sucked into the drain
holes and then they become entangled. When unable to untangle their
hair, they become trapped or tied to the drain, as if someone had tied their
hair into a knot through the drain holes.
I Million Drain Covers Recalled
May 27, 2011
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