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Major Recall May 27, 2011
Pool Drain Covers May
    Be Death Traps
A million spa and pool drain covers
have been recalled.
If you have
sold a home with a pool or have
a listing with a poo
l...read more
Who is liable for a visitors injury?
You Will Be Surprised   
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When I go to the doctor there are two things I want. One is for the doctor to be
knowledgeable and thorough; and the second is that he have a good
. For you see, I get nervous when I go to the doctor and I want him to be
gentle when he explains things to me. I don’t want him to scare me to death.
When you think about, I feel most buyers are the same way when they are having
their home inspection. Wouldn't you agree?
David Jones - Apple Home Inspection
When the inspector goes to the doctor
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Having Sex
In Your Listing ?
How an agent got fired.
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Would You Pay $30,000 or $417,000 For a Dog House
Some people will pay a lot for a dog house, perhaps we need a MLS for dog
houses. Naturally if you pay a lot there are certain unique features.  
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Your Buyer Ask - What Do You Say ???
1.5 Million Dog
Wrong Place
In Garage Floor
Slab or raised ...
Broken CFL
Hazardous Material
EPA Cleanup Requirement
AVID Tip - December
If the dimmer light switch feels
warm to the touch - put in AVID  
7 Homes - $2.6 million Verdict
Why Did Mrs. Hopkins Sue Her Agent
Chinese Drywall Discovered
in Orange County
The Lawsuits Have Begun
Have you sold a home with Chinese Drywall in it?
You say you don't know. If so, there are some
serious issues that may need to be dealt with.
What you should know.
Seven home owners were awarded a  
$2.6 Million verdict when Chinese
Drywall was discovered in their homes.

Why so much for just drywall? Well,
the answer ls because of what had to
be done to correct the issue.

Here is what they had to do.
中 國 幹 牆